USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.


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In aviation, where the smallest of mistakes may have catastrophic consequences, safety is a main concern. FMS insists on the finest quality for our products and services. Quality spells safety, and safety is the first priority in whatever we do.

FMS strictly monitors compliance with its ambitious quality standards at all times and across all levels of production and personnel. Our management system ensures the company observes all applicable legal and statutory regulations and clearly defines roles and responsibilities in the company. This enables FMS to promise our customers the same level of quality for all services. Compliance with quality requirements is verified by government agencies and through internal and external audits.


Certificates & Documentation


Air Agency Certification






 Tools & Equipment Safety

Quality calibrated tools

Maintenance tools and equipment are such common part of our lives, especially in this business, that we sometimes neglect the potential hazards in their usage. Despite the fact that all tools are manufactured with safety in mind, serious accident might occur when they are used with negligence. In the process of avoiding the hazards, all employees in FMS must learn to recognize the potential danger associated with the different types of tools and the necessary safety precaution to prevent any undesired circumstances.

FMS Safety Training Index

Calibrated Tooling


Every mechanic knows that his or her tools need to be properly calibrated, but what some don’t always understand is precisely why? The reason–the precise importance of calibration, to be exact– is that improperly calibrated tools and measurement devices don’t do what you expect them to do. For instance, a click-type torque wrench whose spring is `out of spec’ can end up delivering less torque per turn; resulting in nuts that aren’t on as tight as the manufacturer requires. Similarly, a tire gauge that isn’t reading properly may result in increased aircraft tire wear due to under-inflation. Besides compromising aircraft performance, component life, and sometimes even safety, improperly-calibrated tools result in work that is less than optimum for customers. FMS quality system complies with all FAA requirements on calibrated tools and gauges and improves calibration procedures existing in the company in accordance with the latest industrial standards.




Electronic Libraries and Equipment

IML mech stations

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FMS improves direct labor time performance using electronic libraries and equipment during maintenance. Mechanic working places are equipped with computers and have access to required airplane technical data and FMS manuals, forms and procedures. FMS personnel is capable to work with blueprints almost all sizes, whenever is necessary we can modify or design and plot different kinds of paper/film blueprints.


Our Storages are Lean

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FMS is proud by using lean technologies in the storage make them simple and clear for end users. Parts, materials, other consumables properly stacked and sorted in accordance with assigned nomenclature. We do everything to avoid maintenance mistakes and minimize potential risks of improper parts or material usage.



Training room

In order to respond high quality standards FMS has necessary class room, equipment, training materials, experienced tutors and skilled mentors. FMS performs either individual or group internal safety and procedures trainings, customer TPM trainings (if any) in order to deliver airplane timely and in accordance with expectations.