USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.

Other Services

customer-serviceOn site representation for owners/operators/leasing companies

We can be your eyes and ears and represent your interests when issues arise. FMS professionals are experienced and will communicate with you during any needed phase of a project or business transaction.


Picture 129Annual asset evaluations

A typical engagement involves compiling property inventories, inventory valuation, barcode asset tagging, developing property control procedures, drafting reports, and implementing technology solutions. Helping our clients to create accurate “useful life” and depreciation schedules for all capital assets is an integral component of FMS annual asset management services.


introLease returns with aircraft bridging and work scope development

When you acquire or lease a new aircraft, you will need some kind of maintenance program bridging and some necessary aircraft configuration change. Let FMS help you. Our goal is to provide our clients with a bridging program that passes regulatory scrutiny with ease.  The team will provide you with a complete documented aircraft-bridging program and will assist in negotiation with regulatory bodies for the approval of the program.


AirworthinessCertificateCertificates of airworthiness

Airworthiness Certificate is issued by a representative of the FAA to an aircraft that meets all the FAR requirements and is in safe operating condition. At FMS, we aim to assist you in getting your aircraft certified without the hassles of future compliance.


Export ConferenceExport certificates

You may get an export airworthiness approval for a complete aircraft (new or used), new aircraft engine, propeller or any article that you wish to export but how? Our team of engineers are familiar in dealing with the process and are elite enough to get you through the procedure with ease.


Pic 095Ferry permits

Something is broken on your airplane and you need to fly it to another airport for repair, what should you do to get your airplane airworthy to fly under this situation?  In this case, the FAA may issue a Special Flight Permit, commonly called a “ferry permit”, to an aircraft that does not meet airworthiness requirements but is capable of safe flight. Our professionals are able to assist you in the process of requesting for a ferry permit through a local FAA Flight Standards District Officer, or FSDO.


Pic 005Ferry crew services

Our skilled and experienced flight crews have delivered countless mainline aircraft types to many international and domestic destinations. You can entrust us with confidence for a safe and smooth delivery of your aircraft.



FMS is dedicated to quality in aircraft paint services in the industry. With a team of highly skilled management professionals and seasoned industry-trained paint technicians, FMS aims to provide the best possible standard in aircraft painting.


GSEAirport GSE inspection and repair

One of our most acknowledged areas of expertise lies within aircraft maintenance and repair. Our FAA-certified aircraft maintenance performance has withstand the challenge of time with the proof of a wide network of satisfied clients. Our aircraft maintenance experience includes an extensive list of aircraft models and types, and our commitment to quality ensures that you never have to frown upon the performance of your aircraft in long run.