USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.USFMS is in the process of being translated into several other languages.

Core Services

Aircraft_MaintenanceMaintenance and inspections

FMS provides various types of letter checks from A to D check inspections , to include major Structural Inspections, Modifications, Repair Assessment, AD/SB Compliance, Full Paint and Interior Configuration Services offered. We offer all levels of non-destructive testing, including eddy-current testing, ultrasonic testing, visual testing, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, and electromagnetic radiation. The various methods and techniques, due to their particular natures, may differ in performance under different circumstances. Hence, it is vital that you pick a company who knows which method fits best for the condition of your aircraft for the most effective and cost saving way of maintaining your property.

Avionics-afterAvionics modifications

Fully integrated glass cockpit modifications directly relate to an investment in your future.  All of our modifications have been previously installed by our Avionics team for numerous customers worldwide.  Electronic Flight Bags are a customer built option at FMS which once kitting is installed can be upgraded throughout your operational needs.  EASA modifications are a breeze with our onsite DER services.  From concept to creation FMS is there for all of your operational challenges.

737 freighter conversionFreighter conversions

FMS will be offering its customers Freighter Conversions on the B737-300/400 installed by the STC holder.  At FMS we feel that having the conversion accomplished by the STC holder will provide the customer with assurance that quality will not be sacrificed.  FMS is constantly working to increase additional freighters to our STC base.  If your aircraft is requiring a conversion, please call or email FMS for the support of your project from start to finish.


WingletsWinglet installation

If your operational fleet usage exceeds 1.5 hour flight legs, the operational gains of having winglets installed on your fleet will not only save 4.5% fuel costs from day one, additional take off weight gets an added bonus of 6,000 lbs. per leg. Installation combined with a letter check or conversion is seamlessly incorporated. Normal installation down time should be estimated to be 8 to 10 days.


Other services:

  • On site representation for owners/operators/leasing companies

  • Annual asset evaluations

  • Lease returns with aircraft bridging and work scope development

  • Certificates of airworthiness

  • Export certificates

  • Ferry permits

  • Ferry crew services

  • Painting

  • Airport GSE inspection and repair


Customer  Benefits: 

  • Smooth integration with your current business systems as well as multi-vendor environments improves information flow, allowing you to better manage your overall cost and protect your asset.

  • Lower operating costs and shorter maintenance cycle time help keep aircraft in productive service for a longer duration.

  • Better on-wing performance increases asset utilization and improves service availability and predictability.

  • Streamlined operations allow for a more effective resources management, with a focus on top priorities and core competencies.